STSM Norrköping

STSM Norrköping

Monday 12-10-2015

We first identified a to-do list for this week

  1. Define output format of the bird algorithm and nomenclature of quantities
  2. Make inventory of Z and V data availability and Nyquist intervals for each radar
  3. Implement output format in ODIM-h5
  4. Compile base and refactored versions on the ODE (Opera Development Environment) of BALTRAD
  5. Select time period for testing (9-11 October 2015 as first option). Look at OPERA composites to identify regions with precipitation
  6. Compare output of both versions
  7. Apply algorithm to all data for 9-11 October
  8. Visualize output
  9. Analyze output
  10. Process data from Angelhom radar for the validation campaign
    • conversion EEC data format of SMHI to ODIM-h5
    • calculate VPBs (vertical profiles of birds)
  11. Determine strategy for handling data requests and support by ENRAM members
  12. Prepare presentation for WG1&2 meeting in the Netherlands
  13. Operationally implement the algorithm on BALTRAD server

Monday 13-10-2015

Discussion Anders Henja:

  1. need to change vol2bird code such that it no longer uses global objects to contain the data

To install RAVE as a stand-alone library:

git clone git://
git clone git://

./setup –prefix=/opt/baltrad –subsystems=STANDALONE_RAVE

port install numpy-27