R base functions for inspecting a parameter (param) object.

# S3 method for param
summary(object, ...)




A param object.


Additional arguments affecting the summary produced.


A param object.


For is.param(): TRUE for an object of class param, otherwise FALSE.


A parameter is a quantity/variable measured by the radar during a scan (or sweep). These are organized along radar range (bins) and azimuth (rays). Scan parameters are named according to the OPERA data information model (ODIM), see Table 16 in the ODIM specification.

Commonly available parameters are:

  • DBZH, DBZ: (Logged) reflectivity factor in dBZ.

  • TH, T: (Logged) uncorrected reflectivity factor in dBZ.

  • VRADH, VRAD: Radial velocity in m/s. Radial velocities towards the radar are negative, while radial velocities away from the radar are positive.

  • RHOHV: Correlation coefficient (unitless). Correlation between the vertically and horizontally polarized reflectivity factor.

  • PHIDP: Differential phase in degrees.

  • ZDR: (Logged) differential reflectivity in dB.

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# Extract the DBZH parameter from a scan
param <- get_param(example_scan, "DBZH")

# Check if it is an object of class param
#> [1] TRUE

# Get summary info for this parameter
param # Same as summary(param) or print(param)
#>                Polar scan parameter (class param)
#>     quantity:  DBZH 
#>         dims:  480 bins x 360 rays