R base functions for inspecting an integrated profile of biological targets (vpi) object.

# S3 method for vpi
summary(object, ...)




A vpi object.


Additional arguments affecting the summary produced.


A vpi object.


For is.vpi(): TRUE for an object of class vpi, otherwise FALSE.


A integrated profile of biological targets is a specially classed data.frame generated by the function integrate_profile() with the following quantities:

  • radar: Radar identifier.

  • datetime: POSIXct date of each profile in UTC.

  • vid: Vertically Integrated Density in individuals/km^2. vid is a surface density, whereas dens in vp objects is a volume density.

  • vir: Vertically Integrated Reflectivity in cm^2/km^2.

  • mtr: Migration Traffic Rate in individuals/km/h.

  • rtr: Reflectivity Traffic Rate in cm^2/km/h.

  • mt: Migration Traffic in individuals/km, cumulated from the start of the time series up to datetime.

  • rt: Reflectivity Traffic in cm^2/km, cumulated from the start of the time series up to datetime.

  • ff: Horizontal ground speed in m/s.

  • dd: Horizontal ground speed direction in degrees.

  • u: Ground speed component west to east in m/s.

  • v: Ground speed component south to north in m/s.

  • height: Mean flight height (height weighted by eta) in m above sea level.


# Load the example vertical profile time series and integrate to a vpi
vpi <- integrate_profile(example_vpts)

# Check if it is an object of class vpi
#> [1] TRUE

# Get summary info
#>                Vertically integrated profile(s) (class vpi)
#>            radar:  KBGM 
#>       # profiles:  1934 
#> time range (UTC):  2016-09-01 00:02:00 - 2016-09-10 11:56:00