7 Further analysis outside bioRad

In many cases you will want to convert bioRad’s objects into a convenient form for your own further analyses. To convert bioRad objects to a simple data.frame:

  • vertical profile (vp): as.data.frame(your_vp_object)
  • vertical profile time series (vpts): as.data.frame(your_vpts_object)
  • use function as.vpts() to convert a vpts data.frame back to a vpts object.
  • integrated vertical profile time series (vpi): is already a data.frame

Converting polar scans (scan objects) to common spatial formats:

  • use scan_to_raster() to convert to a RasterBrick object (package raster)
  • use scan_to_spatial() to convert to a SpatialPointsDataFrame object (package sp)

Converting PPI (ppi objects) to common spatial formats: * access the data slot (my_ppi$data) to extract a SpatialGridDataFrame object (package sp)